Edited pictures from the story

Paper Kill 101 Paper Kill 391 Paper Kill 371 Paper Kill 361 Paper Kill 341 Paper Kill 331 Paper Kill 301 Paper Kill 271 Paper Kill 221 Paper Kill 211 Paper Kill 201 Paper Kill 191 Paper Kill 181 Paper Kill 171 Paper Kill 151 Paper Kill 141 Paper Kill 131 Paper Kill 111


4 thoughts on “Edited pictures from the story

  1. arrow

    Very interesting articles. In regards to the images of P-40s in service with No.135 Sqdn Bulldogs.The Kittyhawks pictured look to be P-40Ms, and they wore U.S serial numbers in the 43-5802 block, while the N variants bore U.S. serial numbers in the 42-10538 block.

    The RCAF had 35 P-40 Ns in their compliment in the fall of ’43. Curtiss built a small run of some 500 P-40M Kittyhawks, of which the RCAF received 15. All of them were stationed at Pat Bay with No.5 OTU. 111 (F) Sqd, had 14 P40Ns, of which about 6 were traded to other units for P-40Es. Only the M and N variants had small cooling vents forward of the exhaust stacks.The P-40N had a different canopy and the rear deck was cut down somewhat to improve rearward visibility. The two Fusen Bakudan Balloon Bombs were shot down by P-40N Kittyhawks ( I believe )



  2. arrow

    Pierre There is a little bit more to all of the trading of Kittyhawks of 111(f) Sqd. As it turns out, at least 4 more Kittys (N) variants from 111 (F) were traded. The main cause of the
    problems were traced to bad R/T sets and brakes. Lots of wheelin’ and dealin’ took place back in mid Oct of ’43. Hope this helps. Cheers, Arrow.


    1. Pierre Lagacé Post author

      Clarence is working on a story right now that I am sure you will enjoy.
      I am because I am copy editing it.



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