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  1. arrow

    Very interesting articles. In regards to the images of P-40s in service with No.135 Sqdn Bulldogs.The Kittyhawks pictured look to be P-40Ms, and they wore U.S serial numbers in the 43-5802 block, while the N variants bore U.S. serial numbers in the 42-10538 block.

    The RCAF had 35 P-40 Ns in their compliment in the fall of ’43. Curtiss built a small run of some 500 P-40M Kittyhawks, of which the RCAF received 15. All of them were stationed at Pat Bay with No.5 OTU. 111 (F) Sqd, had 14 P40Ns, of which about 6 were traded to other units for P-40Es. Only the M and N variants had small cooling vents forward of the exhaust stacks.The P-40N had a different canopy and the rear deck was cut down somewhat to improve rearward visibility. The two Fusen Bakudan Balloon Bombs were shot down by P-40N Kittyhawks ( I believe )



  2. arrow

    Pierre There is a little bit more to all of the trading of Kittyhawks of 111(f) Sqd. As it turns out, at least 4 more Kittys (N) variants from 111 (F) were traded. The main cause of the
    problems were traced to bad R/T sets and brakes. Lots of wheelin’ and dealin’ took place back in mid Oct of ’43. Hope this helps. Cheers, Arrow.


    1. Pierre Lagacé Post author

      Clarence is working on a story right now that I am sure you will enjoy.
      I am because I am copy editing it.



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