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Nazi Propaganda and the Three Fuhrers – Draft Version


Preserving the Past is a blog about just that. Clarence Simonsen has been researching a lot about the past especially about World War Two for close to 50 years.

This blog offers him the opportunity to share his views about what history often neglected.


Nazi Propaganda and the Three Fuhrers

By Clarence Simonsen


Nazi Propaganda and the Three Fuhrers

Signal magazine was Hitler’s Wartime Picture propaganda publication from 1940 until March 1945. It was a product of Goebbels’ German Ministry of Propaganda, printed in 20 languages, and today it is a living illustrated record of the brutal fact of the Third Reich and Germany in world war. Its circulation reached almost three million by 1943, and the use of action images, color photos, combined with the powerful force of Nazi propaganda, in fact preserves today a view of the Third Reich itself. The original German/English copies were published until Paris fell on 25 August 1944, selling over 20,000 copies a month in the United States, Canada, and Ireland. This was the most widely circulated magazine in Europe during World War Two and assisted the spread of Nazi Fifth Columns everywhere in the world, including Canada and the United States. Hitler’s popular and highly paid propaganda illustrator was [Viennese born – 1893-1946] Theo Matejko.

Beginning in 1920, millions of German immigrants arrived in North and South America, and many had served in World War One. From 1920-33 over 430,000 arrived in United States and 600,000 in Canada.

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Nazi Propaganda and the Three Fuhrers