Preserving the Past – Table of Contents

Research and story by Clarence Simonsen

All rights reserved

Table of Contents

The Title (Published 22 July 2016 – click on the link.)

Cover page copyright

The Preface (Published 1 August 2016 – click on the link.)

Preface 3

Dedication – The 555 Russian and Polish POWs killed 18 August 1943 (Published 8 August 2016 – Click on the link.)

Dedication 1

History introduction – Maya Goddess of the Moon, [IXCHEL] , and other folklore (Published on 15 August 2016 –  Click on the  link)

Chapter One – Aggregat V-Missile (Published on 22 August 2016 – Click on the link)

Chapter Two – German Rocket Nudity (Published on 26 August 2016)

Chapter Three – WWII German Luftwaffe Aircraft Insignia (Published on 5 September 2016)

Chapter Four – WWII German U-Boat Insignia (Published on 12 September 2016)

Chapter Five – The Hitler Youth Organization (Published on 19 September 2016)

Chapter Six – Wernher von Braun [The early life, music, and romantic life in Berlin] (Published on 26 September 2016)

Chapter Seven – Gerd Wilhelm de Beek, [History from 83 year old daughter and grandson, the rocket artist who painted under three flags] (Published on 3 October 2016)

Chapter Eight – Full main Story – Cucumber Art Under Three Flags – the trip of Frau im Mond [Lady in the Moon] (Published on 10 October 2016)

Chapter Nine – Death Comes At Night [Original story by Lloyd Christmas mid-upper gunner RCAF – shot down over Peenemunde Aug. 43] (Published 17 October 2016)

Chapter Ten – Cuxhaven October 45 – Reborn German A/4 tail art paintings (Published 24 October 2016)

Chapter Eleven The Canadian Army engineers at Cuxhaven, August-October 1945 (Published 31 October 2016)

Epilogue- To expose the still hidden history of rocket tail art (Published 7 November 2016)


Greek Mythology “Icarus” and Third Reich Insignia

Copyright  Clarence  Simonsen  2016

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7 thoughts on “Preserving the Past – Table of Contents

  1. Pierre Lagacé Post author

    Rocket number V-5
    Date 21 October 1942
    Burning time (s) 84
    Range (km) 147
    Pad P-VII
    Remarks Steam generator misbehaved



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