Sgt. Millar G. G.

Remembering G.G. Millar

Lest We Forget II

Sergeant Millar’s name appears in Clarence Simonsen’s research about Hurricane 5389 which is being restored right now.

1 November 1942 Sgt. Millar G. G. 9:20 to 10:20 hrs Sector Reconnaissance

I got curious and wanted to see if he had survived the war.

This is where I found his name on a list of names…

And also in a caption…

Bill Eull has a Website especially dedicated to RCAF 111 Squadron. He gave me permission to use whatever information I need to pay homage to the Fallen.

This image of a newspaper clipping is taken from the Canadian Virtual War Memorial.

This image is taken from G.G. Millar’s record of service which is available from Archives Canada through Ancestry.

G.G. Millar’s name again appears here…

Bill Eull wrote this:

Flight Lieutenant (Pilot) George Glenn Millar

(J20388) He arrived at 111 Squadron as a replacement pilot on May 16…

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