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The Zodiac Squadron and the Two Virgos – Courtesy U.S. Air Force magazine

2017 Summer Journal V1.3-zodiac

The attached story by Mark Parkhill has been published in the U.S. Air Force magazine this month.

I have permission to use it in the Blog.

Clarence Simonsen


By Mack Parkhill

As my computer screen displayed a stream of photos arriving from a mountain crash site 2,000 miles away, it was obvious what huge strides technology had made since I was a kid living near the site where the crash occurred. My brother and his grandson had climbed to the location of a tragic World War II training accident to retrieve some pieces of “skin” (as the flat metal pieces of a crashed aircraft are referred to), one of which would eventually become a nose art reproduction of a famous B-24 squadron aircraft. They were fortunate to have enough cell phone signal strength to speak to me, as well as send photos of various pieces of wreckage remaining at the site. Based on their transmissions, I was able to determine the possibility of their use for the intended project, almost as if I was with them on the mountain. The lesser-known tale of a military aircraft accident which occurred within the 48 states during the war is part of the larger story of the Zodiac Squadron.

From my personal collection



Collection Clarence Simonsen


Colorised version by Pierre Lagacé

Painting by Clarence Simonsen

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