First Steps to Tokyo – Revisited

You probably have skimmed through this little booklet a year ago.

It was Clarence Simonsen’s first post on this blog I have created in April 2016, especially to publish his incredible research into the past.

First steps to Tokyo cover page


Well it’s time to revisit the past after preserving it.

Tony Irwin, whose father was a Spitfire pilot with 443 Squadron during the war, wrote me this a few days ago…

I also have a (somewhat dog-eared) copy of a small book by the title of First Steps To Tokyo which chronicles the US-Canadian effort against the Japanese in the early days of WWII. Pictures in it include my father. 

Stay tuned…

After staying tuned, Tony sent me this…

After page 18, sitting in the front seat of a jeep with poles across his lap.

Also a couple of pages further, standing on skiis.

Mentioned on pg 34

I just had to take one more look!


If you are wondering who is Pilot Officer Johnny Irwin from Toronto?

He is featured on this other blog.




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