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Intermission Five – Petit Brogel

Intermission post by Pierre Lagacé

This morning Clarence is seeing Gordon Hill to give him back his logbook that he scanned as well as asking a few more questions about what he remembers from World War Two from the hundreds and hundreds of pictures he shared.

When I first saw this one I knew I just had to colorise it for Gordon Hill, even more when I learned from Clarence that Louis Jean was part of the French Connection.

Sharun, Harling, Bridgman, Wally Hill, Gordon Hill, Louis Jean, Harten, Leyland, Tapley


I have yet to find more information about Louis Jean who flew Spitfires with 416 Squadron.

Louis Jean

A few months ago I knew nothing about Gordon Hill and the French Connection until Clarence wrote me about this Spitfire pilot he had met. He had asked me if I would be interested in publishing his whole research about him on Preserving the Past.

I got even more excited when Clarence told me Gordon had hundreds and hundreds of photos from the past. I am an easy excitable person when it comes to old pictures and preserving the past.

These are the first photos Clarence sent me. He wanted me to colorise just a few to eventually post on the blog, but he was a little afraid to ask.

This one is about Belsen concentration camp Gordon had visited but had wished he never did.

There is another one he sent and asked me to colorise, but I wonder if I should show it.

This one is about “Sweet Sixteen”, a Spitfire Mk XVI he flew many times.

“The Petité Jeanne”, a DC-3 flown by Captain G.W. Odell.

I also decided to colorise these even if he did not ask.

Gordon with a Spitfire Mk XIV.

This one after he earned his wings at No. 13 SFTS St. Hubert.

No. 13 SFTS St. Hubert

I was just starting a new hobby, and I was quite excited about it. Then that hobby became more and more a mission than a hobby. These colorised photos are by no means perfect. I was just starting to learn about Preserving the Past in colours.





No. 13 SFTS St. Hubert

As a footnote, I am sure you are wondering who was this pilot with the serious look on his face.

His nickname was “Mush”. “Mush” was Michael Rico Sharun. While searching the Internet for more information on Michael Rico “Mush” Sharun…

Lo and behold!

I stumbled on one of my blogs!

Next intermission…

Is he holding a revolver?