Short Early History of No. 416 Lynx Squadron Badge

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RCAF 416 Squadron

This is the first post on this blog.

It’s all about a research done by Clarence Simonsen who met a Spitfire pilot. Gordon McKenzie Hill was a Spitfire pilot with RCAF 416 Squadron during World War Two. He has so much information and so many photographs it is impossible to post all of it on Preserving the Past which is where Clarence Simonsen publishes his research.

The story of Gordon Hill is on Preserving the Past if you want to read it.

This is a short early history of No. 416 Lynx Squadron Badge.

Formed 22 November 1941, at Peterhead, Aberdeen, Scotland, first officers and Spitfire aircraft [above].

The second commanding officer arrived on 9 March 1942, Squadron Leader L.V. Chadburn, DFC, and remained C.O. until 7 January 1943.

Mat Cecil Ferguson was posted from Alliford Bay, B.C. to No. 416 in early March 1942, and was assigned airframe mechanic…

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