7 thoughts on “The Making of a WWII RCAF Spitfire Fighter Pilot Part Six (PDF version)

  1. Kris Reumers

    Do you have more information about the picture of the crashed FW-190 (I assume it is a Dora)? Was this taken at Kleine-Brogel B.90 (Petit-Broghel)? Thank you.


    1. Mikkel Plannthin

      I am reading the article on Plt Off. Gordon Hill with great interest, especially the details on 416 Squadron’s escort operations to Copenhagen on 5 and 7 May 1945. I have been researching Danes in the Allied air forces for a number of years, and as a spinoff I was looking into he VIP escort mentioned on 7 May (Plt Off Hill Had to return). The VIP in question was the newly appointed Danish Foreign Minister J Christmas Møller, who returned to Copenhagen/Kastrup shortly before at 11 a.m. according to Danish newspapers that were following his return closely. I would like to ask the source of this document https://clarencesimonsen.files.wordpress.com/2017/10/chapter-three-part-6-25.jpg. The reason is that it has a slightly different timeframe for the sortie than the 416 Sqn ORB in the National Archives in London, which states that the flying time was 0922 to 1140 hrs. for the sortie. I hope you are able to clarify. Kind regards Mikkel Plannthin


  2. Pierre Lagacé Post author

    Hi Mikkel,
    I will look into this later. I have access to 416 ORBs.
    From the look of this it seems only one Spitfire was escorting the transport plane.



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