Postwar – Base 174, Utersen, Germany, [5 July 45 to 21 March 1946] – Part Two

Postwar – Base 174, Utersen, Germany,
[5 July 45 to 21 March 1946]

Part Two

This view shows the swimming pool at the Racing Club De France.

This is where Gordon met a Miss Elisabeth de Lallemand, her sister Anne, and a Governess who was chaperoning the two sisters. A friendship developed and Gordon was invited for another meeting when he returned to visit Paris in August.

Where the Germans had been drinking in 1944.

The Eiffel Tower, August 1945

Gordon and F/O “Burf” Burford at the Racing club pool after 24 August 45.

The famous bikini was invented by the French.

Burf takes Gordon’s photo, which in turn is recorded by Larry Straub.

The Canadian girls back home would never appear in a swimming pool like this in 1945.

Elisabeth de Lallemand in front of her apartment in Paris, August 1945.

Elisabeth lived with her parents in a large luxury apartment building located within a few blocks of the Eiffel tower in the center of Paris. Gordon and Larry were staying in a Hotel located just a few blocks from the de Lallemand apartment complex, and Gordon spent the evenings with Elisabeth for the next two weeks. Gordon recalls the family owned a wine and champagne vineyard near Paris, but he was more interested in Elisabeth, than what the family did for a living.

Now, let’s see, the Allies have kicked the Germans out of Paris, the war is over, and a young RCAF pilot has met a French beauty, and it is summer time in France.

Gordon can’t recall, however, I believe I know the rest of the story.

Elisabeth de Lallemand, Governess, sister Anne de Lallemand on the beach.

1. F/L W. F. Schram [new]

2. S/L J. D. Mitchner

3. F/L Steve Straub

4. W/O 1 E. J. Henn [new]

5. G. Clarke

6. F/O Chuck Darrow

7. F/Sgt. D. Doherty

8. F/O K. B. Cox [new]

9. Unknown American War Correspondent

10. F/Sgt. W. C. Thompson [new]

11. W/O 1 H. J. Burke [new]

12. L. Orser

13. W. Marshall

14. F/O Larry Spurr

15. F/O Gord Hill

16. P/O L. J. R. Jean

17. F/O F. G. Picard

18. F/O W. L. McCallum

19. F/O Burford

20. F/O H. W. Lucas [new]

21. F/O Ken Williams.

Next time, the first twelve new Spitfire Mk. XIVEs arrive…


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