Let’s turn back the clock…

Not sure you are interested… was a post written on my main blog Lest We Forget in January 2015.

It was about something Clarence wrote me about not being sure…

Not sure you are interested…

That’s what Clarence Simonsen wrote me yesterday when he sent me a 25-page story.

Hello Pierre,

Hope you had a enjoyable holiday.

This is the history of the Mexican Air Force in WWII, which has been setting in my basement. Last winter it was updated and three new paintings completed in Mexico.

Use if you wish. I will send the info. for paintings only if you want. This will require some editing.


I said I was interested.

Hi Pierre,

This is the info. for the two paintings showing the first Mexican attack on a German U-boat. The other is the insignia of the Mexican 201st Fighter Squadron. In all three paintings I have incorporated the image of original Aztec art in the world famous museum in Mexico City. I have been there three times and it you ever get the chance, it is a must see. Just amazing displays.

This is no use setting in my basement, so it might help out someone.


Insignia of the Mexican 201st Fighter Squadron
First Mexican attack on a German U-boat
Now what about that 25-pages story?
I have to read it and enjoy it first.

Clarence is somewhat passionate about nose art, aviation, and history.
At first I told him I could post his stories on Lest We Forget. But as his passion grew Lest We Forget had little space left to post his stories as well as mine.
I “had to” create Lest We Forget II and his own blog Preserving the Past.
“Had to” is a pretty strong expression since I am also passionate about aviation, history and creating blogs.
So why am I writing all this on a Saturday night, October 7, 2017. 
Maybe because of this upcoming story from Clarence about this picture?

6 thoughts on “Let’s turn back the clock…

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    Hi Pierre Whoa ! This new piece on the Mexican Air Force ought to be an interesting read. The 201st (F) Sqdn. I cannot say that for all of what was taking place during the Second World War and there was a lot going on, that I ever heard anything concerning Mexico’s involvement. There were 9 (I) class subs, that the I.J.N had patrolling the West Coast from as far south as Mexico right up to just outside of Kodiak, Isl AK. I am looking forward to this lost ” gem ” of history. The art work that Clarence provided is awesome. Gee, he’s got talent. Waiting with abated breath. Cheers Arrow



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