15 thoughts on “View « WWII Aircraft Nose Art » on YouTube

  1. GP Cox

    Great video. We ALL love nose art from that era.
    I happened to notice the ‘Memphis Belle’ shown. I will be adding as Current News on my Monday post that the Memphis Belle is completely restored and will be on permanent display as of 17 May 2018 at the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force.


  2. arrow

    Hi Pierre That video was pretty cool. One has to hand it to those guys on the ground crew. They could sure come up with some nice  » nose art  » . It certainly did give the lads a boost in morale. Some of the names  » O  » for Oscar,  » B  » for Beer,  » L  » for Lucky. Al Capp, a cartoonist from the period gave the lads from RCAF 418 Sqdn the go ahead to use  » Daisey Mae, » Hair less Joe » and  » The Black Rufe « . on their « Mossie’s « . To note, when a fella on the ground crew got done sometimes the  » Skipper  » would toss him a pack of fags for his effort. Good to see that Clarence is keeping such wonderful old works alive. The  » EL CAT  » is really beautiful on the nose of that Lancaster. Is there some more ? Feed the need… indeed. Awesome as always. Cheer’s Arrow.



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