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How to preserve the past?

Like how that museum preserved the past with the Memphis Belle?

The Americans are very proud of their past 8th Air Force history, and they should be. The 8th A. F. lost 47,000 airmen in the skies over Germany, and a good number were flying the B-17 Fortress. To honor them, they preserve, and paint their aircraft as correctly as possible. The Memphis Belle is one-of-a-kind, rare, priceless and the first B-17 to survive 25 bloody air battles over Europe.
In Canada our very own two [and only] veteran combat RCAF Lancaster Mk. X bombers are both painted as replica aircraft, one in British markings and the other will be painted in postwar markings. You can never replace a rare original RCAF Lancaster that flew in WWII with a replica. That is a slap in the face to the RCAF veterans who flew and died in the Canadian built Lancaster. Most of these brave young men are now deceased, and the RCAF Association should be there to respect and uphold ‘their” past for future generations to read, see, and learn. The fact is, they are not, and just turn a blind eye to the painting and preservation of the WWII Lancaster in Canadian museums. The second and and most important combat veteran RCAF Lancaster in the world, is now in Trenton, Ontario, the roots of the RCAF, and it will be painted in postwar markings.
Why should a peacetime Army Provost Corps Cpl. be telling the RCAF how to paint their WWII bomber correctly. I do it to honor and show my respect for the generation of young men who went to war in the Lancaster and never came home. The Americans would never, never, repaint the “Memphis Belle” in another postwar B-17 marking and place it in their Air Force Museum.
So, why would the RCAF Museum in Trenton, Ontario, repaint and destroy a rare Canadian built, RCAF combat veteran Lancaster which flew the most operations during WWII. It’s an insult to the RCAF veterans of WWII, but they are all deceased and can’t say a word. So, I do my best to speak for them.
Clarence Simonsen
Or how the Canadian Aviation and Space Museum museum preserved the history of KW-K “King of the Air” of 425 Alouette Squadron ?

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Lancaster in the museum