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Message from Clarence

Clarence sent me this message… It’s from Lynn Garrison.

Garrison 1

Since 1983, I have operated the Haitian Children’s Fund from my personal resources, with some effect. Throughout those years, I have studiously avoided any mention of my colorful past, since the charity operations here are mostly “Faith Based,” which might find me, in their minds, “marching to a different drummer.”

Recently, I was contacted by Biafrans who thought I was dead. They have held an annual memorial service for me since 1969, saluting me for what I did 50 years ago. I was surprised that anyone remembered me, since I did everything possible to remain unnoticed.

So now, the gloves are off! I am going to make a thrust for support, throughout the aviation community. Each month theHaitian Children’s Fund site will have a short story, under our section – HIGH FLIGHT that recounts an adventure from a somewhat adventursome past – all with an aviation focus. The first tells of my involvement with the Ferry Flights of ex-RCAF Mustangs during the sixties. A follow to this could be one about the 1969 Football War, in El Salvador….. my film projects…

Many people donate each year, most times to charities they know little about. I am hoping the aviation people will look at us as a recipient. We don’t have any overhead, and a dollar/pound/peso in is 100% on target.

Like a “chain letter- with a purpose,” I would hope that each of you sees fit to pass this message along to your personal e-mail list of contacts.

If anyone wants to communicate with me, via e-mail, I will respond to each contact, personally.

Some Haitian kids lives depend on this, literally. I am running as fast as I can but children – and adults – are actually dying of starvation, at this moment in Haiti’s Northwest, – unremarked – 623 nautical from where we can launch missions to the moon.

Take a look at our site and see the HIGH FLIGHT segment.

My small friends need help!


Lynn Garrison