Intermission Three – “Damn good pilots!”

Intermission post by Pierre Lagacé

Damn good pilots!

That’s how Gordon Hill, who is 94 years-old, calls the French Connection.

When Clarence Simonsen asked more information last week about French-Canadian Spitfire pilots flying with 416 Squadron, that was how he called them…

Damn good pilots!

After 72 years!

You won’t find this in history books.

Damn good pilots!

Posing for an official RCAF photographer, Louis Nault stands on the left, next to Henri “Pic” Picard who is watching Jacques Ménard, while Roland Brouillard is looking on.

Louis Jean was also part of the French Connection.

Louis Jean, that the tall guy on the extreme left in the first row. “Pic” Picard is the fifth one from the left. Gordon Hill is on the wing, in the centre. Brouillard and Ménard are not on that group picture.

I wonder why…

Gordon Hill is now so easy to spot on pictures scanned by Clarence.

This is another photo where we see Gordon Hill and Roland Brouillard…


Haines is on the left. Brouillard is next, then Gordon Hill in the centre, smiling. Next are Preston and Leyland.

The pilot who is kneeling is Douglas who was killed accidentally by a shotgun blast in the face on May 14, 1945.

The war had been over just a week before. 

Lest We Forget

Next time, I will tell you more about Brouillard whose nickname I have just learned was Lou.
B.78, Eindhoven

7 thoughts on “Intermission Three – “Damn good pilots!”

  1. Aviationtrails

    I read the reports Pierre – thank you very much for sending it. It was a tragic accident, that most certainly could and should have been avoided. To be loading a gun in a small room was an accident waiting to happen. It would seem many forces personnel had personal firearms I wonder how many more deaths there were in similar circumstances. So terribly, terribly tragic.



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