Intermission Six – More from Gordon

Clarence had coffee yesterday morning with Gordon who is sharing these new group pictures.

From left to right: Gordon, Lou Brouillard, unknown pilot, P/O Cliff Haines, Pic Picard, Doug Douglas, and Cliff Preston.

Jack Leyland is on the Spitfire engine.


From left to right: F/O Ken Williams, unknown pilot, F/L “Doug” Douglas, F/Sgt. McGregor, P/O Chuck Darrow, and Gord.


Left, reading a magazine is Larry Spurr. Commanding Officer F/L Jack Mitchner, DFC., hands in his pockets, is standing in front of the “Joint” which was the operations hut.


From left to right: F/O G. Scott who arrived 24 March 1945, bald pilot is unknown, reading book is F/O W. L. McCullum J37906, from 127 Squadron who arrived 3 February 1945. A new pilot who had just arrived and hit his head on his own fighter gun sight, name unknown.


Left is the other Hill,  W. D. “Wally” Hill, posted to 443 Squadron 5 April 1945, in the center is Squadron Adjutant  F/L R. J. Howe, posted out October 1945, and right is F/L Dagwood Phillips.

The pilots left 1500 hrs, 2 Aug. 45.
The pilots departed B.174 Germany for a two week air firing course at No. 13 P.T.C. Warmwell, England. They stopped for fuel at B. 78 Eindhoven, Belgium, and F/O Brouillard, Ken Williams, Lyons and Collins had engine trouble and had to remain on base. The other arrived at Warmwell at 19:00 hrs. The course began on 4 August 45, and Gordon took two photos of Pic Picard and Larry Spurr.

F/L F. G. “Pic” Picard J22883, was posted out in November 45.


The Making of a Spitfire pilot Part Four should be posted soon.

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